Turbo Racing League


Join the most thrilling of all snail races



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Turbo Racing League is a racing game, but instead of controlling cars, bikes, planes or anything like that, you take control snails. But these are no ordinary snails, they are the fastest molluscs to be found anywhere in the animal kingdom.

The game uses a very intuitive control system based entirely around touch pad controls, allowing you to control your snails along the nine different tracks in the game. In these races, you will compete against other snails, equally quick as your own.

The aim in every race, of course, is to be the first across the finish line. But not only do you have to worry about keeping your speed up and taking the bends well, you also have to navigate some impossible jumps where you can demonstrate your acrobatic abilities in the air.

At the end of the race, players can buy upgrades for their snail and can customize the look to make them truly unique.

Turbo Racing League is a fun racing game, and thanks to some spectacular graphics and a perfectly implemented touch control system, it will appeal to games players from across the board.
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